Personal, Family or Vehicle Breakdown Cover

Breakdown cover can be the difference between completing a journey and having it derailed indefinitely. Whether you are taking a quick trip to the grocery, commuting to work, or taking a vacation, mechanical failures ranging from “Oops! Forgot to get petrol!” to a thrown rod can definitely put a crimp in your endeavor. Breakdown cover can either get you quickly on the road again or your vehicle towed to a responsible repair location and perhaps even a rental to get you on your way. But how should you organize your breakdown cover subscription? Should it be personal, family or vehicle specific?

Vehicle Breakdown Cover

The least expensive and most common is the vehicle specific breakdown cover. Regardless of who might be driving, your vehicle is protected against mechanical failure. If your policy includes vehicle recovery, it could even cover your car or truck if it is stolen and abandoned. That is pretty impressive.

Personal Breakdown Cover

If you own several vehicles or if you sometimes drive the company vehicle, personal breakdown cover can be the policy of choice for you. With a personal policy, it doesn’t matter what vehicle you are driving, if you are behind the wheel, roadside assistance is only a phone call away. That can be pretty nifty, especially if you have to borrow a relatives rattletrap bucket of bolts or if you happen to be piloting a less than perfect rental car.

Family Breakdown Cover

If you have new drivers in your family, this type of policy can take the worry out of allowing your second form student to drive from home to campus. It can even help out when older teens and young twenties who are still at home are commuting to university or work. Most policies allow for up to three additional members to be on the same family policy. You get the same great cover you get for personal breakdown cover, but for all the drivers in the same family.

Breakdown Cover and Your Family Pet

No, no, your pet won’t be driving. But there is a good chance that you might be transporting your pet in the family car. Be sure to check with your agent when selecting your breakdown cover and your regular insurance to see what their policies are concerning dogs, cats, and other creatures. You want to be sure that your four-footed family member is provided for in the event of a vehicle breakdown. Furthermore, your agent can assist you with learning the sort of restraint that will work best for transporting your animal friend safely and in compliance with your insurance.

Horse Trailers, Caravans, and Other Pull-Along Vehicles

If you plan to regularly tow a horse trailer, caravan or other sort of pull-along vehicle, it is a good idea to check for coverage of those items when selecting your cover. Trailers can get flats just as easily as the towing vehicle. Whether you are transporting a large animal, a home on wheels or a trailer full of goods or even lawn debris, mechanical problems with the towed item can definitely “put a hitch in your get-along” as the saying goes.

With so many options, you are sure to be able to find the breakdown cover that is perfect for your family. The next time you forget to stop at the fueling station, get a flat tire or hear the ominous clanking that signals serious mechanical failure. This way, neither you nor yours will be out on the road, friendless and alone. You will all have the option to make one phone call to solve your transportation problems.